Granting Forgiveness After the Affair

forgiveness-2The more I’ve read, the more I’ve learned. And one of the things I ran into on this blog are a series of Betrayed Spouses that refuse to grant forgiveness, and then wonder why their marriages haven’t recovered?  Because withholding forgiveness is power. Because to not forgive is to punish.  And you can’t pursue healing until you forgive.

So I saw this article. I thought it very powerful Continue reading

Practical Suggestions to Forgive an Affair

forgiveness-2I have reprinted this Rick Reynold’s thoughts and articles before.  He is so smart.  If more people followed this guy’s ideas, there would be less pain out there over this.  He emphasizes understanding, compassion, and letting go of the need to “get even” with your spouse, and letting go of focusing on the past (eg, the affair details, the OW/OM) if you are going to move forward.  And for the wayward spouse, the ability to accept responsibility for your actions, showing patience,  and to really  listen even if you feel defensive. All good suggestions. Continue reading

Forgiveness After the Affair – is it a “Free Pass”?

forgiveA reader and frequent commenter here, in response to a blog of mine, got me thinking about the concept of “forgiveness” in the aftermath of an affair.   She wrote,

“Forgiveness has been the hardest part of all of this because I was so confused by what it meant. And I have yet to fully forgive (my husband) because I still feel like it means I’m saying what he did was ok; that I accept it.”

Yesterday, I blogged about the Wayward Spouse forgiving themselves.  Today, what about the Betrayed Spouse “forgiving” the cheater? Continue reading