Running out of Ideas for Blog Entries

ImageI’m amazed that the number of hits my blog is getting continues to grow and is about 2,000 hits per day and coming up on 300,000 hits for the year.  Yet, I add very few blog entries any longer.  And some have questioned whether I’m still here (I am).  Why don’t I add too many entries?  Well, first, unlike almost all blogs on infidelity out there, mine isn’t about me any more. It’s only about the subject in general. Continue reading

“The Other Woman is not always a crazy, predatory monster”

Question from an ex “Other Woman”:

“Let it be known, that anyone who gets involved with a married man, is no picture of sanity. Low self-esteem? You betcha! Daddy issues? Absolutely! Prior abusive relationships? Bingo!  All stuff I’m currently working on……

But, It’s true, the OW is an emotional mess.  Granted some are crazier than others, but we all carry our own rocks.  Continue reading