Female Sexuality and Why Women Didn’t Embrace Playgirl

PLAYGIRL200007I had a lot of comments and email about my blog entry about why some women think that men looking at porn are “cheating”, and how this indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of male sexuality (and a healthy does of female insecurity, as well).  Some of the comments were from women who simply can’t understand why males, everywhere and for all times, seem to enjoy looking at (attractive) nude women.  Because generally women do not care for nude males (except their own nude male).  So I had to ask myself a question that other men have asked — “How come women don’t like seeing good looking buff guys naked?” Continue reading

Losing the spark in a relationship

ImageOften I hear people — whether they have cheated or not — say something like “I don’t feel the spark in my marriage any more.  It’s not like it used to be.”  Sometimes this is said as the “reason” for having an affair — they no longer feel attracted to their spouse, and they don’t feel desired by their spouse who seems indifferent, if not downright hostile, to sex.   What was once a horny GF or BF who cared about their appearance and couldn’t take their hands off you, has become an uninteresting, interested spouse who no longer cares much about their appearance and treats sex with you as if it was a chore.  And this will leave any relationship vulnerable to an affair, a divorce, or both.    Good article on the concept below. Continue reading

10 Signs You Are Dating a Sociopath

ImageThis is the topic of a book and the text below is from that author on the web, so I’m not stealing her work or divulging book contents.

And I think this applies to dating ANYONE, not just an Affair Partner.  But maybe even more so because if you are in an affair or contemplating one, you probably aren’t seeing the situation and your Affair Partner very clearly. If you are contemplating enormous life changes in order to be with your Affair Partner, you need to really look at them and think twice. Is this the person I want to go through the myriad of societal, financial, familial and other difficulties to be with? Continue reading