10 Signs Your Partner May be Cheating (sponsored post)

I did not write this, and while I think that each of these may or may not indicate infidelity (and frankly, there are more than these signs and each situation is different), I think there is still quite a bit of truth to these as well.\


10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Cheating has always Signs-of-cheating-sex-drive-non-existant.jpgbeen around us: this problem is as old as the hills. Modern humanity goes through the huge changes of the relationship conception, which makes the number of cheaters grow.

Are there any ways to protect yourself from being deceived? Well, you can try safe variants (like dating with Ukrainian women who are famous for their loyalty). Yet the most solid way is to caution. So your sweetheart may be cheating on you if she or he:

  1. Hangs on the phone all the time

Does the smartphone screen replace the outer world for your partner? If he/she is more interested in checking pages on social networks, texting or calling to random people – especially those who clearly belong to the opposite sex – than spending time with you, this is a sign to urgently consider.

  1. Seems to be disinterested in sex

Physical contacts are an integral part of romantic relationships. It’s completely normal to not be in the mood sometimes, but when your beloved one more and more often finds excuses to get out of sex, this should alert you. What if he/she finds pleasure in sleeping around?

  1. Prefers spending time separately

Quite a short time ago, you used to do everything together. Yet now, something has changed: your partner wants to drive home alone after a party, to spend weekends elsewhere but not by your side and finds less and less time for you. How about you talk this over?

  1. Gets more concerned about the exterior

You don’t think she or he should make any radical steps to improve it. Being in love, we already see our precious people as the most beautiful in the entire world. However, their opinions might differ. If you notice he leaves exhaling the fragrance of new cologne or she refreshes her wardrobe too enthusiastically, take this into an account.

  1. Plays blame game

In order to hide the truth, some people start accusing their partners of diverse things including infidelity. Whatever triggered cheating, most of us feel guilty for being unfaithful. One of the ways to get rid of this inner pressure is to equalize you and your cheated mate.

  1. Changes the behavior

When we meet someone attractive outside our present relationship, we subconsciously become assimilated to this brilliant guy or girl. No wonder if your lover picks up certain habits of his/her lover: starts using unusual expressions or strangely acting. Keep the tabs on such changes!

  1. Becomes distant

A person, who starts an affair, becomes not only physically but also emotionally separated from the actual partner. Your significant other may express less affection and even be inaccessible. If there are no other good reasons for it, he/she might have fallen out of love.

  1. Makes you feel uncomfortable

Every single time you initiate a personal conversation, use his/her phone to check the time or suggest going out, your dearest one gets somewhat irritated or anxious or mad… These reactions may be various. But it nevertheless feels like you’ve done something wrong.

  1. Treats you too well

On the other hand, a cheater might display too much love. Is that even possible? Your closest person makes romantic surprises, brings you unexpected gifts without any occasion, and becomes more attentive to you than whenever before – isn’t it splendid? Yet this might be another way of dealing with guilt.

  1. Avoids discussing future

Long-term couples normally have some plans for the future. You might have been talking about your joint goals numerous times before. But now, any relevant topics are banned: your lover says it’s too early to make such serious decisions and convinces you to wait for a while. One more sign to keep your eye on!