Women Share Advice on How to Keep a Marriage Strong

coupleContinuing with my effort to expand this blog beyond the (depressing) boundaries of infidelity, surprise, surprise, I found an article on “Yahoo Shine”, originally from Redbook, that I actually thought had some real wisdom it!!  Worth a read! Continue reading


Losing the spark in a relationship

ImageOften I hear people — whether they have cheated or not — say something like “I don’t feel the spark in my marriage any more.  It’s not like it used to be.”  Sometimes this is said as the “reason” for having an affair — they no longer feel attracted to their spouse, and they don’t feel desired by their spouse who seems indifferent, if not downright hostile, to sex.   What was once a horny GF or BF who cared about their appearance and couldn’t take their hands off you, has become an uninteresting, interested spouse who no longer cares much about their appearance and treats sex with you as if it was a chore.  And this will leave any relationship vulnerable to an affair, a divorce, or both.    Good article on the concept below. Continue reading