Charles’ Affair Story

ImageThis is another in my series of interviews of those involved in Infidelity, in order to give a perspective to others and put a human face to these stories. As you will see below, “Charles” (named changed to preserve anonymity) was involved in a relatively sexless marriage. He feels completely rejected by his wife romantically/physically, and it’s why he sought out an Affair, which he now very much regrets. Again, an example of “cause and effect”. If you don’t make your spouse feel understood, appreciated, desired and wanted, someone else might. Happy and content people rarely have affairs. His writing is raw, powerful, and full of shame, regret and inner turmoil. Well worth the read.

With that, meet Charles…. Continue reading

Interview After the Affair: Mike’s Affair Story

ImageI hope to create a series of these — sort of an “In their own words” kind of blog entries– for former cheaters, current cheaters, the Other Woman/Other Man, maybe betrayed spouses (although they never seem to be without venues for their stories and opinions, so maybe not).  this is the first one.  Through it, I hope to put real faces, real emotions and thoughts to a complex issue.  For my readers to gain insight into the minds of people involved in infidelity.   Continue reading

Thoughts from a fellow traveler, a former cheater

I have a place I go to other than here to discuss this very societal, and personal issue — affairs.  It’s a very private and exclusive message board made up of 6 former cheaters — 3 women, 3 men.  It’s a place where we can share ideas and thoughts — and vent — privately about our personal struggles. A place to help each other out.  We are all so different, with very different stories, yet, we can all relate to the other and help each other through this. Continue reading

Reblog: You can’t escape your past

I stumbled upon this blog. Curiously (and you don’t see it often), part of the blog deals with an affair — by a lesbian. She talks about the “Other Woman” and she is a woman.  I think this is the first one of these I’ve seen yet.  One can see that her words are profound and her feelings are no different than hetero cheaters feel. I thought it was a good read and worthy of a reblog since it appears that this person stopped writing about the affair about 2 years ago (it appears it all blew up 4 years ago).  Continue reading

Are Affairs Really About Sex?

Many Betrayed Spouses have a tendency to blame men as a gender for infidelity, or that cheating is mostly about sexual opportunity.  In fact — these are myths!  The reasons for affairs are, in actuality, largely the the same for women and men – EMOTIONAL DISTANCE IN THE MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP.  The following is a reprint of information about this question:  Are affairs usually about sex? Continue reading