Affair Lessons from the Anthony Weiner Saga

 65a90bec-ffea-3c37-8e02-563d262a5cc9I’ve been following this closely because of the attention that former Congressman and  NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has been receiving, especially this week.  Why? Because he’s a public figure and he’s not just simply a cheater, but a man who was forced to resign his seat in Congress in June 2011 because he was “outed” for “sexting” various women and sending apparently nude pictures of himself to various women as well.  How did it happen?  Weiner accidentally tweeted a crotch shot of himself to his 45,000 followers on Twitter!! Continue reading

Affairs and Infidelity in the Movies – “Crimes and Misdemeanors” (1989)

I wrote this as part of my last blog about how to get out of an affair, but I realized not only was I running a bit long, but it was taking me a bit off course.

I also realized how affairs are portrayed in the movie and there have been many.  But THIS one movie jumped out at me in my memory, although the affair is just one of two parallel stories in what I consider to be Woody Allen’s finest movie –  “Crimes and MisdemeanorsContinue reading