10 Signs Your Partner May be Cheating (sponsored post)

I did not write this, and while I think that each of these may or may not indicate infidelity (and frankly, there are more than these signs and each situation is different), I think there is still quite a bit of truth to these as well.\


10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Cheating has always Signs-of-cheating-sex-drive-non-existant.jpgbeen around us: this problem is as old as the hills. Modern humanity goes through the huge changes of the relationship conception, which makes the number of cheaters grow. Continue reading

1 million hits

just reached this morning.  1 MILLION hits.  Since January 2013.  Currently still running at more than 5,000 views per day even though I’m no longer posting or allowing comments.  Wow.

I had to come back and post that. To me, it’s stunning.  There’s obviously one heck of a lot of interest in this topic.

here’s what it looked like October 1.  June/July were down for the weeks when I set the whole thing to private. I think this shows how fast it grew. the irony is that I didn’t start using the counter until well after I began the blog. it’s probably closer to 1.6 or 1.7 million in reality.

FireShot Screen Capture #076 - 'My Stats — WordPress_com' - wordpress_com_my-stats__unit=1&blog=42728385

It stuns me. Still.  There is so much of a demand for information. That’s what this means.

That’s all I have to say.  Last post.  Bye again.

Why I’ve Stopped Contributing to the Blog — This is Goodbye, But Feel Free to Read the Old Stuff and Email Me

About 2 months ago, abruptly, I set this blog to private, and gave nobody access to it.

A blog growing in popularity monthly, and was running at about 5,000 hits a day and that was within 60 days of achieving it’s 1 millionth hit. A blog where I had received literally hundreds of comments and emails thanking me for it.  A blog that gave me satisfaction and was part of my personal penance for what I had done.

And when I ended it, I received frantic emails from many asking me to let them back in. Or for help.  And hundreds of access requests.

So I needed to explain this.  Why did I end it?  Why is it back?

Continue reading

“Feedback” from a Reader

AngerI found this in my draft folder. I thought I would publish it a year later anyway. why not?

You gotta love this. I mean, what motivates some of these people?   I can’t imagine why someone would have such hate and vitriol for a stranger. I can’t imagine why my blog’s message of mutual understanding, hope, forgiveness and reconciliation (while being 100% against affairs) is so threatening to someone.  But the world is full of people, and some of them are jerks. Continue reading

“You’re Too Fit for LA Fitness”

Planet-Fitness-tells-Bay-Area-woman-to-cover-up-because-her-toned-body-is-intimidatingThis is NOT about affairs or even relationships. Rarely do I delve into other issues here, but I saw this yesterday in the press, and I really and truly have to comment on it.

Apparently, a woman at an LA Fitness in Richmond, VA was told to “cover up” her body because her physique was “too intimidating” to other women in the gym and they have a “no judgment” policy there (to be fit is to “judge”??). It’s absurd on the face of it. Continue reading

Today is the day. 500,000 hits in 13 months!!

dogSometime this morning, my blog will have seen 500,000 hits since mid-January 2013.

Wow. Simply wow. I would never have guessed that this blog would take off like this.  It’s now averaging 3,200 hits per day.  500,000 hits?  It says something about the topic. A lot of people have a lot of questions, a lot of anger and hurt, and are seeking help. Information. Hope.  From anywhere.

To my readers, even those that refuse to accept my message of understanding, hope, forgiveness and reconciliation, I say – thank you.

Female Sexuality and Why Women Didn’t Embrace Playgirl

PLAYGIRL200007I had a lot of comments and email about my blog entry about why some women think that men looking at porn are “cheating”, and how this indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of male sexuality (and a healthy does of female insecurity, as well).  Some of the comments were from women who simply can’t understand why males, everywhere and for all times, seem to enjoy looking at (attractive) nude women.  Because generally women do not care for nude males (except their own nude male).  So I had to ask myself a question that other men have asked — “How come women don’t like seeing good looking buff guys naked?” Continue reading

One for the Readers: Reaction to the Story “My Wife is Cheating”

g-questionsAs some of you may know, I get private emails from readers – cheaters and betrayed spouses alike, and almost in equal amounts — asking for my reaction, to thank me, to ask for my help or just to vent about infidelity issues that touched their lives.  I get far more emails than comments on the blog entries, in fact. People would rather not vent their personal struggles out in the open.  Even anonymously.  And I respect that. I’ve never outed anyone that’s written me, I’ve always protected people’s privacy.  Even the jerks. Continue reading