“Facebook Caused My Spouse to Cheat and Leave Me”

facebookdivorceI have seen this, or statements similar to this,  many times on message boards, blogs and such.   And in some emails I’ve received, there is direct (or implied) blame of social media why someone’s spouse cheated on them and left them.  So are social media the reason why people cheat and get divorced?  Not really.  They are just the most current, modern mechanism to facilitate it.  But not the causes. Continue reading

Causes of an affair..and prevention

couple-sensual-kiss-love-couples-merci-lovebisous-poljubac-sexy-new-album-kisses-sex-wow-paare-amor-romance-romantisme-amoureux-hot-couples-kandys-album-bw-pashion-love-pics-sexy-couple-love-romance-eIt’s so frequently debated. What causes an affair?  There are many books, articles, opinions about what causes an affair.  All over the web.  Too many people just want to say that anyone that cheats is merely a “jerk,” or a “slut”, a horrible person, through and through, selfish and uncaring without a shred of  character and integrity.  But that’s too simple and does not fit most people that have affairs.  GOOD people. MORAL people still find themselves caught up in an affair. So isn’t it smart to find out why, except for the truly mentally ill, that normal, average people who never envisioned themselves in an affair do so? Continue reading

Are Affairs Really About Sex?

Many Betrayed Spouses have a tendency to blame men as a gender for infidelity, or that cheating is mostly about sexual opportunity.  In fact — these are myths!  The reasons for affairs are, in actuality, largely the the same for women and men – EMOTIONAL DISTANCE IN THE MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP.  The following is a reprint of information about this question:  Are affairs usually about sex? Continue reading

Should you tell your spouse of your affair after it’s over?

Interesting question was put to me by another blogger whose affair is over, but whose spouse does not know.  And that is:  Do I tell my spouse about the affair?

Well, what a hard question to answer and there is evidence on both sides.   I guess it comes down to this — it depends!  I saw opinions all over the place.  I have distilled several opinions here.  Continue reading

The “Semi-Happy Marriage” and Affairs


“The Semi-happy Marriage: Too safe to leave, too boring to stay. A business partnership at best.” 

The “Semi-Happy Marriage has become common these days and is one of the most common situations that lead to affairs and/or divorce, according to relationship experts.

All marriages have their ups and downs, but the semi-happy marriage is chronically ambivalent. It’s a marriage that’s neither miserable nor all that successful.   Continue reading