Today is the day. 500,000 hits in 13 months!!

dogSometime this morning, my blog will have seen 500,000 hits since mid-January 2013.

Wow. Simply wow. I would never have guessed that this blog would take off like this.  It’s now averaging 3,200 hits per day.  500,000 hits?  It says something about the topic. A lot of people have a lot of questions, a lot of anger and hurt, and are seeking help. Information. Hope.  From anywhere.

To my readers, even those that refuse to accept my message of understanding, hope, forgiveness and reconciliation, I say – thank you.


10 thoughts on “Today is the day. 500,000 hits in 13 months!!

  1. Congratulations! And thank you…you’ve certainly opened my eyes and given me a lot of strenghth to push through. It’s hard, but your posts are definitely helping, and I don’t know if I could have pushed thdough this hard and this much without your insightful topics. So again..thanm you and congratulations. 500,000, that says something.

  2. I believe it! Your blog is such a gem in a sea of information and misinformation. It is rare to find such straight forward, no nonsense blog actually written from a WS/male perspective. It has been a life line in my recovery. It is the first website on my list of favorites that I reccomend . Congratulations to you! I have 10 likes in one week and am excited about that. You should be proud of how you turned a negative into something positive. You are a unique individual!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I saw that this topic and my blog did seem to resonate, but I wasn’t expecting the kind of growth I saw in the last 6 months in the number of visitors. It’s why I’ve kept it going.

  4. Thanks for just being here. This blog has been an invaluable resource when I really needed one, as well as a place to get things out & just let them go. I’m not at all surprised that you are seeing so much traffic. WS’s need a place to go to talk about their feelings without fear of ridicule, and as a BS, it’s great to be able to see that perspective and learn something from it. It’s all good.

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