Running out of Ideas for Blog Entries

ImageI’m amazed that the number of hits my blog is getting continues to grow and is about 2,000 hits per day and coming up on 300,000 hits for the year.  Yet, I add very few blog entries any longer.  And some have questioned whether I’m still here (I am).  Why don’t I add too many entries?  Well, first, unlike almost all blogs on infidelity out there, mine isn’t about me any more. It’s only about the subject in general.


I can’t think of anything to write about that in one way or another I already have.  I’ve run out of ideas.

Do my readers have any ideas? I’d like to hear them.  Maybe I could write about them to add to the understanding of the issue of infidelity.

I get emails every day, from all over the world, asking for my assistance and advice. Both from Betrayed and Wayward alike, but I don’t like taking a private email and turning it into a question without asking.  I do look at the search engine queries that lead some to my sight, but I think they are either too specific, too vague, or I’ve covered them before.  Like here’s a sampling from yesterday:

* How long does it take to get over an affair (I think I’ve covered that.  But I don’t have a crystal ball anyway)

* What percentage of affairs work out? (covered that)

* Will he come back to his mistress? (I have no idea)

* How I got back at my cheating husband (covered. People who pursue revenge are immature nitwits)

* Husband has no remorse (covered)

So again, if there’s something I haven’t covered, perhaps I might.  Be kind.  Try and submit honest questions:  Not something that is really just a put down of cheaters, betrayeds, genders, etc. I don’t want to hear something like, “I’d like you to address why all men are fucking pigs and cheaters!”.   Such comments will be directed to spam as will any future submissions from the readers.

Honest thoughts and ideas, please.


5 thoughts on “Running out of Ideas for Blog Entries

  1. I don’t know if you have covered this… but what about how social media can facilitate affairs… emotional or physical. I myself have been approached by more of my married, male FB friends for cyber sex and phone sex…. out of the blue. Obviously I said no, nicely (been there, done that, NOT doing it again). But as the recipient of several of these requests, I really don’t get why these men think I am open to the idea. And why they don’t seem to think that it is cheating. Sorry…in my book, using FaceTime or Skype to simulate sex with someone other than your spouse is still having an affair.

    • Certainly, cheating in some ways has never been made easier. There’s so many ways to find willing partners now. Easily.

      Why do men think that you might be open to things like cyber and phone sex or an easy hook up?

      Honest answer? because so many women are. And blatantly so!! And because there is almost no penalty in asking for it. Ok. So let’s say 10 people turn you down. But the next one doesn’t. It doesn’t phase these men. It’s a numbers game. And frankly people are “easier” than ever — not just men. Heck, I’m a man, and my page says I’m married, clearly. And I get all kinds of offers for this and that without even asking! I’m looking for nothing, yet they still try. It happens.

      • I find the whole thing perplexing. Granted, I’m flirty/funny on my FB feed, but I don’t put out an overly sexual vibe. I’m merely being me. And I did have some trouble at first with a couple of women because they thought I was trying to “steal” their husband/boyfriend. Once they realized that was my personality, they relaxed and we have become relatively “close” FB friends.

        Yet, hardly a week goes by that some high school acquaintance, usually married, private messages me and wants to cyber or sext. Of course, I say no (and my status is single) so I realize I am an attractive target.

        One man in particular is very aggressive in pursuing me; he claims to be in a sexless marriage and lives 3.5 hours away. Maybe it’s a safety thing…I’m far enough away that we will never meet in circumstances where we are alone… and his wife will never suspect what he is doing.

        Maybe I’m naive and a hopeless romantic, but it makes me think that Dan Savage is right…. that people are “Monogamish” instead of “Monogamous.” (Hey…that could be a topic for you right there.)

        If a SINGLE FB friend who I found attractive and lived nearby approached me in that way, I might actually consider it….after we had gone on a couple of dates. But, you are right. Technology has made it much easy for people to start and/or sustain affairs. I guess it’s just something we all need to get used to… and make sure our kids understand the ramifications.

  2. I’ve looked around but not thoroughly enough to knoe if you ‘ve covered. “Good reasons to have an affair – I did see you say that affairs are 100% wrong, and I may be jaded by my own marriage I am ending but there are some blogs (and my own marriage ) that just seem like a dilemma either way. Specifically, a marriage where one person has no care whatsoever about making the marriage better, even though they’ve been approached and however reasoned, it is better for both parents to be in the same house. My self and 2 other blogs seem to be so similar and hitting the same wall. I go back and forth on affairs being “ok” because of that one reason – a partner’s pure unwillingness to bridge the gap. I THINK I would have had an affair, given the opportunity but I also think being caught in what I couldn’t have – the holidays, the “normal” activities and the secretive nature would deeply affect my long term ability to see it as a good thing…I don’t know. This is a great blog for seeing affairs in a less emotionally heightened romantic way it’s made out to be. Honestly, the continual aspect of not being able to share things like holidays, vacations, birthdays and just the freedom to do whatever you want at the spur of the moment makes me mad.

  3. I’m thinking about doing a blog entry about the differences in male vs. female cheaters — both in how affairs get started, how they are run, and their approach to being caught (eg, remorseful, or not).

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