How Internet Affairs Begin (repost)

facebook_advertisingI thought this was a pretty good article.  I like the concept of “love kindlers” vs. “love extinguishers.”  I don’t believe the Internet causes affairs — it’s another means for unhappy people to connect — nor do  I believe that men and women can’t be friends if one or both are married (eg, all communication isn’t improper or cheating, as some seem to think it s)– but I think this lays out some very sound concepts.  How a  marriage characterized by “love extinguishers” makes someone vulnerable to this particular gateway. An innocent note. Then attention coming back.  And you like it.  And so on and so on.  It’s not an indictment of Facebook.  It’s just how social media have facilitated unhappy people to connect improperly and dangerously

How Internet Affairs Begin.