Interview on infidelity and healing with relationship expert and therapist, Karla Downing

I thought this was a really good video about infidelity, and how to heal from it. yes, it’s long, but this lady is pretty smart and sums up a lot of good concepts well, even if I don’t agree with everything she said. It’s worth a listen. Some of the questions covered in this interview are

a. How a straying spouse rationalizes an affair
b. Why begging, pleading and crying won’t help you in convincing your spouse to end the affair
c. What are the right questions to ask after the affair and what are the questions that are not worth asking
d. Pros and cons of temporary separation after the affair
e. How to deal with infidelity flashbacks and triggers
f. How to restore intimacy after the affair

Thanks to for providing this to me for publishing here!